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July 13, 2022
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Total Green Landscape provides best services among landscape companies in Jumeirah Village Triangle Dubai. Landscape is also an essential part of home garden. Many homeowners don’t know where to start when it comes to maintaining their garden. Some seek professional assistance from local landscape companies. While others try to care the garden through own efforts.
There are a number of variables that can affect the growth of home garden. The quality of your garden can impacted also by sunlight exposure and temperature. The home garden is an essential feature for any type of garden. A good lawn enhances the appearance of the house, increases conveniences, and also adds monetary value to the property in Jumeirah Village Triangle.
Below are some points to take care of home garden with own efforts:

Planting of Natural Grass:

Rolling will help the natural grass anchor itself and keep the surface level. Before planting the natural grass, it is helpful to roll the soil after each weeding.

Sweeping the home garden:

Fallen grass from each moving from mower box should swept after each mowing. On every visit gardeners are used to cleaning the leaves and other debris in Jumeirah Village Triangle.

Watering the garden:

It’s better to have light automatic irrigation system. In the absence of automatic system, the gardener should water the plants manually. Supply of water to the garden should be lesser in winter season.

Trimming of plants and trees:

A regular cutting and trimming of plants and trees will be performing by the gardeners. Annual maintenance contract includes the shaping and reshaping of plants and trees in Jumeirah Village Triangle.

Top Designing of garden:

Home garden can be healthier if it is well designed and installed accordingly. Automatic irrigation system also designed and installed to make the maintenance easy.
Total Green Landscape is offering all kind of landscaping services like the other landscape companies in Jumeirah Village Triangle. Our sales consultants are available also to attend your inquires for home garden works in Jumeirah Village Triangle.

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